QuickSale Feature

Sealed Bid

  This symbol denotes a vehicle selling within either a Sealed Bid Auction or it is a Direct Offer vehicle. Sealed Bid vehicles accept bids up to the closed date; no bidding information is provided to the potential bidder. Direct Offer sales are typically Dealer vehicles upon which an offer can be made. Direct Offer sales do not have close date and may reside in the system for an extended period of time.


  This vehicle has been identified for sale through the web site but due to some factor is currently not available for sale. Examples include things such as legal hold, title problems, or management review. This vehicle is likely to be available in the near future, but may be removed at any time.


  This vehicle is for sale in a live bid auction. The auction is currently open and bids may be placed. The current high bid amount is displayed in the bidding form. You must exceed the current high bid by the bid amount in order to have placed a valid bid.


  Bidding on this vehicle is scheduled to close today. Generally, auctions close at 6:00 PM EST/EDT on the close date.


  The auction on this vehicle has closed. No further bidding activity is permitted. These vehicles will remain visible in the closed state until they are awarded. Once awarded they will only be visible through the Sold Vehicle Results page.

Winning Indicator

  You are the current winning bidder on this vehicle.

Losing Indicator

  You bid on this vehicle but are NOT currently the winning bidder.